Community Streets Pellon - Ling Bob

Key details

Proposals to reduce traffic and build a safe and healthy environment for people of all ages to walk, cycle, rest and play in the streets around Ling Bob and Christ Church Schools.

Funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and the Department for Transport.

Current status

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Community Streets Pellon - Ling Bob


The Ling Bob active travel neighbourhood proposals include:

Junctions and road layouts

Raised table crossings and wider pavements slow down vehicle traffic and create more space for walking and cycling and other forms of active travel. No through roads allow access for residents while reducing traffic significantly.

Improvements to snickets

Widening, removing steps and improving access to routes away from roads.


Avenues of street trees provide natural shade and shelter, 'rain garden' verges provide sustainable and natural drainage. 

Green space

New green spaces and improvements to existing ones. Changes to roads will slow down traffic and provide more space for people walking, cycling or using wheelchairs or prams.

These proposals complement active travel neighbourhood proposals in Ash Green and Mixenden.


With these proposals for Ling Bob and Pellon we aim to: 

  • encourage walking, scooting and cycling 
  • make school streets safer and more attractive
  • make the neighbourhood a safer place for playing outside
  • create places to rest and interact with neighbours. 
  • build attractive places for people and wildlife

The benefits for the area include:

Fewer vehicles

The changes will reduce the number of vehicles and the speed they travel close to schools. This will result in a reduction of emissions, and safer streets.


The changes have been designed to make walking, cycling and other forms of active travel an easier and more attractive option for people. The benefits of active travel and physical activity are well documented and range from positive effect on mood and mental health to better heart health.

Sense of community

We’re hoping to make the area a more pleasant place to spend time, and a place where children are more likely to play outside together.


Greater biodiversity and natural solutions for sustainable drainage.


The plans are in the draft stage and subject to consultation.


Ryecroft Lane

Ryecroft Lane to become a one-way no-through road for cars with new outdoor seating and planting. Change to one-way allows for better on-street parking and more space for people. Car access to remain for residents.

Ashville Gardens and Rye Lane

Ashville Gardens to become a one-way no-through road for cars. Junction with Rye Lane to become a raised table area, prioritising use for walking and cycling. Widening of the snicket that leads from Ashville Gardens to Christ Church Pellon Primary School.

The Ashville Gardens green space will be improved with informal play elements, tree planting, seating, and rain gardens.

Removal of roundabouts

Roundabouts to be removed and replace with narrower routes that slow traffic and allow for added green space. Changes at the Highroad Well Lane/Sandbeds Road, Rye Lane/Ryecroft Lane, and Highroad Well Lane/Albert Road junctions.

Street trees

Planting of trees to create avenues on Ryecroft Crescent, Ryecroft Terrace, Ryecroft Lane and Weatherhouse Terrace. 

Ling Bob Junior Infant and Nursery School

Improvements to the green space between Ling Bob and Highroad Well Lane to create a social green space. Natural play area and trim trail on land to the west of the school. Safer raised crossing on Rye Lane leading to the school snicket. A large, raised area and new junction at Highroad Well Lane/Albert Road will prioritise people walking, cycling and using scooters or prams.




May 2022

We are consulting on the details of the latest proposals. Please take a moment to give us your feedback and any comments you would like to make on the proposals. 

The consultation period runs between Monday 16 May and midnight on Sunday 12 June 2022. 

You can:

Your views are important to us so please let us know what you think.





This project was made possible through funding from:

  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority
  • Tracy Brabin Mayor of West Yorkshire
  • Calderdale Council