Think again. Witness the rebirth of this great market town.

We are witnessing the rebirth of Elland, this great market town we are all so proud of.

I am very excited to share our vision for Elland’s sustainable future with you.

More than £30m is on its way and we’re getting to work now to make sure that Elland, West Vale and the surrounding area are places where people feel safe, happy, and welcome, where they want to spend time, and where businesses can flourish.

This impressive portfolio of projects is being designed to make life in Elland better so that everyone can live a larger life. There will be new ways to travel around, transformed spaces, and natural features. Our vision for Elland will support people to live healthier more active lives and attract people to live, work and invest in the area, whilst also responding to some of the challenges of climate change.

We know that you will be as interested and invested in the vision for Elland as we are, and we are listening. Please join us, share the vision, take part in project consultations, and keep up to date with progress as we work together to make Elland a better place for everyone.

Councillor Sarah Courtney,

Cabinet Member for Towns, Tourism and Voluntary Sector

Sarah Courtney

Investing in Elland

More than £30 million pounds of investment is coming to Elland, West Vale, and the surrounding area. We're putting it to work already.

Find out about everything that's happening in Elland.

Building a sustainable future

We're addressing the climate emergency, building new infrastructure for public transport, walking, and cycling so that we can all travel in more sustainable ways.

Our aim is to be a net zero carbon economy by 2038. To do this we need to:

Reduce car trips by 21%

Increase cycling trips by 2000%

Increase walking trips by 78%

Increase bus journeys by 39%

Increase rail trips by 53%

Reference: West Yorkshire Carbon Emission Reduction Pathways 2021

View of the car park, the street and the square. The car park has 17 bays and small landscaped section.

A great place to be

We know that Elland is a great place to live, work, shop, relax, and visit. We want to make sure that Elland is even better for years to come.

View north along Southgate. Visualisation of proposed layout.

A vision for the High Street

…at the heart of Elland.

Better journeys

We are creating greener, faster, and easier ways to get around. A new rail station and new and improved options for cycling, walking, and catching the bus.

Talented and enterprising

A place for developing new talent for the future economy and a town centre where people live.

Inclusive growth

Connecting people with employment, education, and training opportunities across West Yorkshire and beyond.

The Next Chapter

Working with Elland’s unique heritage

Bringing spaces back into use and bring people into the High Street.

Harmonious connectivity

Helping people to get where they need to be.

Boosting the economy of Elland

Preparing Elland for the future economy.